From: Asheville, NC

Out of Asheville, North Carolina comes In Plain Sight, three DJs and producers united towards a global, progressive groove. The “Paris of the South” is a perfect home for the trio, as it’s a renowned creative beacon, drawing artistic types of many persuasions and styles, fostering a zone of constant inspiration.

Some may be surprised that electronic music is a big part of Asheville’s creative wellspring. Of course, Bob Moog was brainstorming his famous synthesizers in Asheville for the last portion of his life which may make the connection more tangible. In the present, the city’s generosity of flavors combined with its imagination and electronic music esteem allowed three different musical souls to come together and form an exciting progressive house combo.

This is In Plain Sight, comprised of Ezekiel, Lucas Ledford and Nomad in the Dark.In Plain Sight’s strength lies in how its individual members come from completely different backgrounds, creating a unique and intriguing new sound when working together. Iffy, AKA Nomad In The Dark, got his start in Pakistan where he avidly consumed mix tapes originating from UK hotspots like the Hacienda and Ministry Of Sound. Soon Iffy was making his own tapes and, upon relocating to the United States, began producing music for labels like Global Underground, Hope Recordings, and Audio Therapy.

Ezekiel’s background is even more surprising. He was the lead singer in a punk-ska band who, in a twist of fate, happened upon a DJ’s house music set at a local club, thus changing his life. Within two months Ezekiel had quit his band and was purchasing his own set of turntables. The day he acquired his decks Ezekiel met Lucas Ledford, previously an assistant to a big event promoter in the southeast US. Lucas was now wanting to be more directly involved in the music and, with Ezekiel, started spinning records.

Many years later the two ran into Nomad In The Dark, instantly formed a creative bond, and combined forces in what is now known as In Plain Sight.In Plain Sight work within the realm of progressive house, bringing their own passions and experiences to their production and live sets for a stirring sonic result.

The trio’s tracks have proven equally effective in tiny darkened warehouses as well as in packed, international nightclubs, spun by some of the leading names in electronic music. Sasha, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and Dave Seaman are just some of the esteemed fans of their work, with Sasha and Digweed including In Plain Sight’s remix of Ran Shani’s “Classics” in their infamous boat party set at 2010’s Winter Music Conference. In Plain Sight’s remix of Nomad in the Dark’s “Shine Like A Poor Man” found a home on Nick Warren’s Hope Recordings label where it was supported by Arman Van Burren, and Beatport publicly remarked that this rework was “how progressive house should be made.”

Together as In Plain Sight the three continue to grow and prosper, far outreaching their Asheville roots and quickly becoming global players. Further expanding their audience, the members of In Plain Sight are regular guest DJs on D:Fuse’s popular Sirius/XM Radio program as well as many other radio mix shows listened to from all points of the globe. Likewise, their tracks frequently receive global airplay, and In Plain Sight’s live DJ appearances, previously confined to within the USA, are planned to reach ears and dance floors in Europe within the year.

The trio’s production schedule is busy as well, with remixes soon planned for Mistique Records, Sounds of Want, and Quiver’s Boz Boz label. However, the unique melting pot of Asheville looms large, and In Plain Sight come full circle in autumn 2012 as they are confirmed to perform at Moogfest 2012’s Ah Ha Moog concert series. This honor is only given to acts that the Moog organization feels are ‘on their way up,’ and the nod from electronic music royalty, even if by degrees of separation, is not lost on In Plain Sight.

It’s a legacy that the group aims to continue and spread worldwide, perhaps best expressed in their motto: Past words. Beyond borders. In Plain Sight.

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Event Info


Thurs-Sat May 5th, 6th & 7th 2022


Deerfields Resort
101 Watagnee Trail, Horse Shoe, NC 28742


This is an 18+ Event

Music Hours

12pm – 6am