COVID-19 Policy

Our COVID-19 policy is as follows:


We support personal responsibility and the right of choice. We strongly encourage you to be informed about COVID-19, its dangers and the ramifications of being infected with such a virus. We urge you to make your decision on attending festivals such as ours based on your knowledge and level of comfort that we will not be requiring vaccination to enter, nor enforcing masks or social distancing.

 We respect your opinion to join us based on this knowledge, or your decision to sit this one out. We also ask that you respect the decisions of others, even if contrary to your own.

For the additional Deerfields Resort COVID-19 policy, review the required Event Waiver found here:



PPE Guidelines

Attendees who want to utilize PPE are encouraged to do so, but this equipment will not be required for entry or enforced at the event.

If you or your guests will be using PPE, remember to bring everything you need with you to cover the period of time you’ll be with us at the event, and to properly dispose of that equipment when done with it.

Do not discard used PPE on the grounds for others to come into contact with, instead placing used items in trash receptacles located throughout the grounds or kept with your own belongings until you leave.